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Effect of palm stearin and hydrogenated palm oil on the polymorphic stability of hydrogenated canola oil

Addition of palm stearin (fractionated) at a level of 10%, or, hydrogenated palm oil of dropping point 42ºC at a level of 15%, to hydrogenated canola oil on a stick margarine formulation was effectice in delaying the polymorphic transition from the β’ to β crystallinity of the solids. Additon of 15% hydrogenated palm oil of dropping point 42ºC was slightly more effective. The delaying effect is thought to be due to the tripalmitin and the solid 50-carbon tryglyceride contenct of the palm products, which counteract the homogeneity of the 54-carbon triglycerides of the solids in hydrogenated canola oil. Crystallization characteristics were determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). A soyabean stick margarine was included for comparison. Compositions of suggested formulations are presented.

Blends of palm oil products and anyhydrous milkfat as shortenings

Blends of anhydrous milkfat (AMF) with various palm oil products were prepared and their solid fats contents determined. Some formulations were selected for pilot plant shortening production. These included 1:40% palm stearin (PS) and 60% AMF; 2:80% interesterified palm oil (IEPO) and 20% AMF; and 3:60% hydrogenated palm oil (HPO) and 40% AMF. Consistency of the shortenings upon storage was measured. Performance evaluation carried out included measurements of creaming properties and cake baking tests. In general, the consistency of shortenings 1 and 2 was stable within the first month but became harder during the second month. On the other hand, shortening 3 steadily became firmer during the 2 months’ storage. Creaming performance of the shortenings improved with storage and shortening 2 showed the best performance. Specific volumes of cakes made with shortenings 1, 2 and 3 after 2 weeks of storage were 97% and 102% of the control cake respectively. Among the three shortenings, shortening 3 showed the best baking performance throughout the two-month evaluation period.

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of α-Tocopherol from palm leaflets

Extraction of α-tocopherol from palm leaflets by supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO2) was attempted. The yields of SCCO2 extracts and α-tocopherol from dry samples were higher than those obtained from wet samples. It was also found that using dry samples at 200kg/cm2 and 40ºC, it is possible to produce an extract containing more than 9% of α-tocopherol with a yield greater than 90%.

Taxonomic nomenclatural and ethnobotanic notes on Elaeis

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Palm Oil Abstracts

This article compiles abstracts of articles and papers related to palm oil/ oil palm and other oils and fats, published in journals, books, conference proceedings and other publications.