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Preliminary evidence of a genetic cause for the floral abnormalities in some oil palm ramets

In some ramets of oil palm clones the normally vestigial gynoecia and androecia of male and female flowers respectively develop abnormally, resulting in floral dysfunction. Such abnormal development has also been observed in the open-pollinated progeny of these ramets. this evidence of, most probably, matroclinal sexual transmission suggests that abnormalities may have arisen from changes to extrachromosomal hereditary determinants during tissue culture.

Hydrolytic stability test for refined palm oil products

The rate of hydrolysis of refined palm oil products were investigated under different conditions of storage and found to be correlated with different quality paramters. Strong correlations were observed between rates of hydrolysis and the phosphorus content of palm oil and palm olein. Multiple regression equations were derived defining the relationship between the phosphorus levels and the hydrolytic stability of refined palm oil and palm olein.

X-RAY diffraction analysis of products obtained by dry fractionation of palm oil

Palm oil was dry fractionated by four different methods, namely (1) cooling at 30ºC and (2) at 23ºC for 18 hours with no agitation, (3) cooling at 3ºC for 18 hours with agitation and (4) at 22ºC for 3 hours with agitation. The yields of stearin were 16%, 30%, 26% and 32% respectively. Filtration rates were good when fractionation took place with no agitation but were poorer with agitation. X-ray analysis showed the stearins from methods 1, 2 and 4 to be in the beta-prime form while that from method 3 was in the beta form. These polymorphic forms were stable when the stearins were stored up to 12 days. When the stearins from methods 1 and 2 were tempered at 40º and 45ºC the polymorphic form changed to the beta form. When melted and then crystallized at 0ºC all the stearins crystallized in the beta-prime form. A hydrogenated palm oil crystallized in the alpha form under these conditions.
The short spacing of the beta-prime form of palm oil and palm products is unique in that it shows two distinct lines of strong intensity at 0.43 and 0.41 nm as opposed to one at 0.42 nm reported in other fats. The softening points of the stearins correlated with the C48 triglyceride content but the dropping points did not.

Palm Oil Abstracts

This article compiles abstracts of articles and papers related to palm oil/ oil palm and other oils and fats, published in journals, books, conference proceedings and other publications.