Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. Special Issue  1995 Nov p.  42-49

Diesel engine operation with vegetable oil – alcohol emulsion


Results of single-cylinder, direct-injection diesel engine tests for a range of loads at two speeds for emulsions with 10 per cent (by volume) of ethyl alcohol of a commercial seed-based oil are presented. Values of ignition delay, specific fuel consumption, thermal efficiency and equivalence ratio and exhaust gas concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and smoke particulates are given.

Comparison is made between the magnitudes of the measured parameters for the emulsion of vegetable oil with alcohol and those for diesel fuel, vegetable oil and an emulsion of this with water.

The effect of emulsification with alcohol was, in general, to increase carbon monoxide and reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions. Effects on ignition delay and smoke were different at different engine speeds.

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* Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of London, Queenmary and Westfield College.

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