Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 2 No. 1  1990 June p.  143-157

Effect of palm stearin and hydrogenated palm oil on the polymorphic stability of hydrogenated canola oil

Author(s): SHEN, C.F. *; DEMAN, J. +; DEMAN, M.J.+

Addition of palm stearin (fractionated) at a level of 10%, or, hydrogenated palm oil of dropping point 42ºC at a level of 15%, to hydrogenated canola oil on a stick margarine formulation was effectice in delaying the polymorphic transition from the β’ to β crystallinity of the solids. Additon of 15% hydrogenated palm oil of dropping point 42ºC was slightly more effective. The delaying effect is thought to be due to the tripalmitin and the solid 50-carbon tryglyceride contenct of the palm products, which counteract the homogeneity of the 54-carbon triglycerides of the solids in hydrogenated canola oil. Crystallization characteristics were determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). A soyabean stick margarine was included for comparison. Compositions of suggested formulations are presented.

Keywords: , , , ,

Author Information
* Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont. Canada NIG 2W1

+ deMan Food Technology Services Inc., Guelph NIH 6B5.

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