Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 4 No. 2  1992 Dec p.  72-78

Maternal inheritance of kernel size in the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis JACQ

Author(s): OKWUAGWU C O and OKOLO E C*

A study of the inheritance of kernel size in the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis Jacq., was conducted using the wide range of crosses between forms from the NIFOR breeding programme.

Estimates of narrow sense heritability (h2) using parent offspring regression analyses were carried out for 24 dura (D) x dura (D), 13 dura (D) selfings, 49 tenera (T) x tenera (T), 24 tenera (T) selfings, 33 dura (D) x tenera (T) and 30 tenera (T) x dura (D) crosses.


Comparable levels of estimates were obtained for mid-parent-offspring comparisons of both dura (D) and tenera (T) offsprings in all crosses except in T x D.  For individual parent-offspting comparisons in D x D, D x T and T x D crosses, the female parents determined the kernel size of both the dura and tenera offspring. This sex-determined inheritance of kernel size was not apparent in T x T crosses.


The inheritance of kernel size in the oil palm was considered to be determined by extrachromosomal gene(s) (plasmagenes) present in the endosperms of both dura and tenera fruit forms but their expression may require interaction with gene(s) present in the dura form.

Author Information
* Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research
Benin City, Nigeria

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