Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. Special Issue  1995 Nov p.  29-34

Modern serial engines operating with natural diesel fuel 50 – 200 kW (60 – 270 b.h.p.)

Author(s): KAMMPMAN, H J*

Natural diesel is a fuel produced from crude plant oil. To use this high boiling and thick flowing fuel, a modern diesel engine has to be developed. The conventional pre-chamber engines in general are able to operate with natural diesel fuel. Biodiesel is the synonym for thin-bodied made plant oil methyl ester (PME). Both conceptions complement each other positively.

PME is suitable to be used for such engines already in production. Crude palm oil is more suitable for specially developed engines. Natural diesel is rather easily produced hence plant oil engine fleets are independent from central fuel distribution networks.

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* Thuringer Motornwerke gmbH Nordhausen, Germany

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