Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. Special Issue  2008 April p.  44-50

Multiplication of oil palm liquid cultures in bioreactors

Author(s): AHMAD TARMIZI Hashim ; SAMSUL KAMAL Rosli* ; ZAITON Rasul* ; ROSLI Md Yunus*

Bioreactor systems can provide quantitative data on oil palm liquid cultures since control of the environmental variables is maintained. Oil palm liquid cultures were multiplied in three bioreactors – B-Braun, Biotron and Sixfors. The cultures showed good proliferation with about 5- to 12-fold weight increment after about 60 days in the B-Braun bioreactor. Increments in fresh weight of four-to five-fold were obtained from the Biotron bioreactor. In the Sixfors system, the increment in cell fresh weight was about three-fold. The production and productivity of cultures multiplied in the bioreactors varied from one clone to another. This study has provided a better understanding of oil palm liquid cultures with regards to their growth in different bioreactors and their potential for commercial applications.

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Author Information
* Malaysian Palm Oil Board, P. O. Box 10620, 50720 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Journal of Oil Palm Research Special Issue on Malaysia-MIT Biotechnology Partnership Programme: Volume 1-Oil Palm Tissue Culture

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