Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 6 No. 1  1994 June p.  49-64

Oleochemical surfactants today

Author(s): BAUMANN, H*; BIERMANN, M*

The production of surfactants represents a vast area of application for technical oils and fats. The oleochemical industry is making great efforts to increase the proportion of oleochemical surfactants in the total world production of surfactants. Oleochemical surfactants have both economic and ecological advantages over products based on mineral oil. This survey discusses recent developments concerning anionic and non-ionic oleochemical surfactants, including the following: tallow alcohol sulphate, α-ester sulphonates; internal ester sulphonates from sulphoxidation of saturated fatty acid methyl esters and from S03 sulphoxation of unsaturated fatty acid esters; oleic acid sulphonates; fatty alcohol ethoxylates with narrow homologue distribution; and carbohydrate-based surfactants. The survey reveals the great potential which lies in natural fats and oils as starting materials for the development of new surfactants.

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Author Information
* Henkel KGaA, Duesseldorf, Germany.

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