Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 1 No. 1  1989 June p.  31-51

Oleochemicals from palm oil and palm kernel oil

Author(s): ONG Augustine S H Datuk

Oleochemicals are chemicals derived from natural oils and fats. The important basic oleochemicals, which are essentially the building blocks of oleochemical industry, are fatty acids, methyl esters, fatty alcohols and fatty amines. These oleochemicals, together with their derivatives, have a large variety of end uses. The principal raw materials for the production of these oleochemicals are tallow and coconut oil. This situation is changing due to the growing importance of palm oil in the world oils and fats scene. Technically, palm oil and palm oil products could to a large extent replace tallow, while palm kernel oil and coconut oil are interchangeable raw materials in oleochemical manufacturing. The ASEAN region will be a significant area for the oleochemical industry as it is the largest palm oil and lauric oil producer

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Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM) PO Box 10620, 50721 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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