Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 8 No. 2  1996 Dec p.  64-74

Parasitoids and predators of insects associated with oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in India

Author(s): DHILEEPAN, K.*

Oil palm nurseries and plantations in India were surveyed from April 1985 to February 1992 and 57 species of natural enemies of insects associated with the oil palm were recorded. These included 24 species of parasitoids, 17 species of predatory insects and 16 species of spiders. In the majority of the insects infesting the oil palm in India, native natural enemies could be found and the highest number of such natural enemies were reported on the diaspids encrusting fruits and leaves and the psychids causing defoliation. The role of these parasitoids and predators in naturally suppressing populations of limacodids, psychids and diaspids was highlighted. Infestations of the defoliating psychids and limacodids in Little Andaman Island were attributed to a lower incidence of parasitism by their natural enemies, thus augmenting these parasitoids from the main land in Little andaman Island is suggested.

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Author Information
* Central Plantation Crop Research Institute, Research Centre, Plode, Kerala 695 562, India
Present Address: Tropical Weeds Research Centre, P.O. Box 187, Charters Towers, Queensland 4820, Australia.

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