Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 6 No. 1  1994 June p.  39-48

Physical properties and composition of low trans canola/palm blends modified by continuous enzymatic interesterification

Author(s): FRANCE, CHO*; deMAN, J M*

Three low-trans fat blends designed for stick margarines were formulated and modified by enzymatic interesterification in a temperature and moisture controlled packed-column reactor. All the three blends contained 45%, 25% and 30% of hydrogenated canola oil (HCO), palm stearin and canola oil, respectively; the HCO (of iodine values 59.9, 56.2 and 58.7) in each of the blends was made under different hydrogenation conditions. The dropping point of the interesterified blends ranged from 38.2° to 39.8° C. Solid fat contents were 33.4%-38.3%, 18.7%-23.9% and 4.7%-6.5% at 10°, 20° and 35°C, respectively. Crystallization temperatures were 20.6°-24.6°C and all of the interesterified blends crystallized in the β’ polymorphic form in contrast to the control blends, which contained a mixture of β’ and β crystals. Their trans fatty acid contents were 12.6%-18.2% and the total trans and saturated fat contents were 45.5-49.1 percent.

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Author Information
* Department of Food Science, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1.

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