Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 1 No. 2  1989 Dec p.  91-102

Studies on the utilization of palm oil wastes as the substrates for butanol fermentation

Author(s): KWON G S*, B H Kim* and A S H Ong+

Studies were made on the feasibility of using palm oil wastes as feedstocks for the production of butanol and as a means of controlling pollution.
Of the various palm oil wastes, clarification sludge was found to be the best substrate for the fermentation by Clostridium aetobutylicum, but the fermentatation produced only acidic products due to the low fermentable sugar content of the sludge.
About 74mM of butanol was produced along with other products, from the fermentation of clarification sludge supplemented with 20 g/l of starch.

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Author Information
*Applied Microbiology Laboratory Genetic Engineering Centre, Institute of Science and Tchnology P O Box 131, Cheongryang, Seoul, Korea

+Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM) PO Box 10620, 50721 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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