Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 13 No 1  2001 June p.  75-83

Surface tension, foaming and detergency properties of mixed alpha-sulphonated methyl esters derived from palm stearin with some commercial surfactants

Author(s): LIM Wen Huei* ; SALMIAH Ahmad*

The effects of sodium alpha-sulphonated methyl esters derived from palm stearin salt (α-SMEPS) and commercial surfactants (CS) in mixed micelle systems were studied as a function of their weight ratios. Changes in the surface tension were observed as the different weight ratios of the mixed surfactants. Only the α-SMEPS:AE-3EO system reduced the surface tension of α-SMEPS solution. Incorporation of a commercial surfactant into a solution of α-SMEPS also changed its foaming properties (foaming power and foam stability) and washing performance. No synergy was observed in dish washing performance. However, synergy effect on cloth washing was exhibited by α-SMEPS:AE-3EO, α-SMEPS:SLES-2EO and α-SMEPS: ALS systems.

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*Malaysia Palm Oil Board,PO Box 10620, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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