All articles with the keyword: biodegradability

Assessment of aquatic effects of palm-based alpha-sulphonated methyl ester (SME)
Vol. 18  2006 June p.  225-230
Author(s): RAZMAH Ghazali ; ZULINA Abdul Maurad ; PARTHIBAN Siwayanan ; MOHTAR Yusof ; SALMIAH Ahmad
Biodegradability and ecotoxicity of palm stearin-based methyl ester sulphonates
Vol. 16 No 1  2004 June p.  39-44
Author(s): RAZMAH Ghazali* ; SALMIAH Ahmad*
The effect of disalt on the biodegradability of methyl ester sulphonates (MES)
Vol. 14 No 1  2002 June p.  45
Author(s): RAZMAH Ghazali*
Properties of sodium soap derived from palm-based dihydroxystearic acid
Vol. 13 No 2  2001 Dec p.  33-38
Author(s): ROILA Awang* ; SALMIAH Ahmad* ; RAZMAH Ghazali*