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Differential and antagonistic effects of palm tocotrienols and other phytonutrients (carotenoids, squalene and coenzyme Q10) on breast cancer cells in vitro
joprv25aug2013-radhika Vol. 25  2013 August p.  208-215
Author(s): RADHIKA Loganathan * ; KANGA RANI Selvaduray * ; KALANITHI Nesaretnam * ; AMMU KUTTY Radhakrisnan**
Plant carotenoids: molecular genetics and regulation
joprv21june2009-rasid Vol. 21  2009 June p.  588-601
Author(s): OMAR Abdul Rashid * ; AHMAD PARVEEV Ghulam Kadir * ; HO, C.L. ** ; SAMBANTHAMURTHI, Ravigadevi * ; NAPIS, S **
Productions of carotenoids and tocols concentrates from palm oil using supercritical carbon dioxide
joproct2008sp-puah Vol. Special Issue  2008 Oct p.  12-15
Author(s): PUAH Chiew Wei * ; CHOO Yuen May * ; MA Ah Ngan * ; CHUAH Cheng Hock **
Carotenoid profiles and preliminary investigation on carotenoid biosynthesis in the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) mesocarp
jopr2008sp2-jane Vol. Special Issue  2008 July p.  108-117
Author(s): SAMBANTHAMURTHI, Ravigadevi ; KAUR, Jane Sonia
Valuable minor constituents of commercial red palm olein: carotenoids, vitamin E, ubiquinones and sterols
joprv12june2000-bonnie-2 Vol. 12 No. 1  2000 June p.  14-24
Author(s): BONNIE TAY Yen Ping* ; CHOO Yuen May*
Oxidation and thermal degradation of carotenoids
joprv11n1-p71 Vol. 11 No. 1  1999 June p.  62-78
Author(s): BONNIE T Y P*; CHOO Y M*