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Greenhouse gas emissions for the production of crude palm kernel oil – a gate-to-gate case study
Vol. 24  2012 December p.  1511-1517
Author(s): SUBRAMANIAM, Vijaya* ; CHOO Yuen May*
An improved method for the determination of chlorphyrifos in palm oil matrices using gas chromatography
Vol. 24  2012 August p.  1404-1411
Author(s): HALIMAH Muhamad* ; OSMAN Hassan ** ; TAN Yew Ai* ; ISMAIL, B.S. **
Determination of λ-cyhalothrin in palm and oalm kernel oil using tandem solid-phase extraction cartridges
Vol. 24  2012 April p.  1303-1309
Author(s): HALIMAH Muhamad ; BADRUL HISYAM Zainudin + ; NOR KARTINI Abu Bakar +