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Best management practices for oil palm cultivation on peat: ground water-table maintenance in relation to peat subsidence and estimation of CO2 emissions at Sessang, Sarawak
Vol. 23  2011 August p.  1078-1086
Author(s): HASNOL Othman * ; AHMAD TARMIZI Mohammed * ; FARAWAHIDA Mohamad Darus * ; MOHD HANIFF Harun * ; MUHAMMAD PILUS Zambri **
Decomposition and N & K release by oil palm empty fruit bunches applied under mature palms
Vol. 12 No. 2  2000 Dec p.  55-62
Author(s): LIM, K.C* ; ZAHARAH, A.R**
Decomposition processes and nutrient release patterns of oil palm residues
Vol. 12 No. 1  2000 June p.  46-63
Author(s): KHALID, H*; ZIN, Z Z* and ANDERSON, J M**