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Life cycle assessment of refined palm oil production and fractionation (Part 4)
joprv22dec10-Yewai Vol. 22  2010 December p.  913-926
Author(s): TAN Yew Ai* ; HALIMAH Muhammad* ; ZULKIFLI Hashim* ; SUBRAMANIAM, Vijaya* ; PUAH Chiew Wei* ; CHONG Chiew Let* ; MA Ah Ngan **; CHOO Yuen May*
Influence of Refining of Vegetable Oils on Minor Components
joprSPapril2006-verhe Vol. Special Issue  2006 April p.  168-179
Author(s): VERHE, Roland * ; VERLEVEN, T* ; HOED, V. VAN* ; GREYT, W. De **
Refining of crude glycerine recovered from glycerol residue by simple vacuum distillation
joprv12dec2001-yong1 Vol. 13 No 2  2001 Dec p.  39-44
Author(s): YONG, K.C*. ; OOI Tian Lye** ; DZULKEFLY, K*. ; WAN YUNUS, W.M.Z*. ; HAZIMAH Abu Hassan**
Surface active properties of palm oil with respect to the processing of palm oil
joprv12june2000-chow Vol. 12 No. 1  2000 June p.  107-116
Author(s): CHOW Mee Chin* ; HO, C. C**