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Safety assessment of oil palm phenolics as active ingredient for topical application
Vol. 25  2013 August p.  188-196
Author(s): ROSNAH Ismail* ; NOR ZULIANA Yusof* ; ZAFARIZAL Aldrin* ; HAZIMAH Abu Hassan*
Does the palm tocotrienol-rich fraction induce irritant contact dermatitis?
Vol. 20 June  2008 June p.  508-515
Author(s): ZAFARIZAL ALDRIN Azizul Hasan* ; ROSNAH Ismail* ; SALMIAH Ahmad*
Safety evaluation for dermal and ocular irrigation of palm hidydroxystearic acid as a cosmetics ingredient
Vol. 17 Dec  2005 Dec p.  160-167
Author(s): ZAFARIZAL ALDRIN Azizul Hasan*; Rosnah ISmail* and Salmiah Ahmad*