Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 23  2011 December p.  1121-1128

The growth of the oil palm industry in Colombia

Author(s): HENSON, Ian E* ; ROMERO, Rodrigo Ruiz** ; ROMERO, Hernan Mauricio**

Colombia is currently the world’s fifth largest producer of palm oil and the largest producer in South and Central America. It has substantial areas of land that can be used for additional oil palm production, and there is considerable scope for increasing yields in existing planted areas. This article reviews the growth in oil palm area and production since the late 1960s in the country’s four production zones, examines trends in product extraction rates, compares seasonal variations in yield, and compares various aspects of oil palm performance in Colombia with that in Southeast Asia.

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* 7 Richmond Dale, Clifton. Bristol BS8 2UB, U nited Kingdom.
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** Colombian Oil Palm Research Centre – CENIPALMA, Calle 21 No. 42-55, 252171Bogota, Colombia.

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