Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 4 No. 2  1992 Dec p.  60-64

The use of epoxidized palm oil products for the synthesis of radiation curable resins : several factors affecting the synthesis of epoxidized RBD palm olein acrylale (EPOLA)

Author(s): Hussin Mohd Nor*; Mohd Hilmi Mahmood**; Hamirin Kifli*** and Masni Abdul Rahman***

Several factors such as inhibitor, cooking temperature and catalyst, which affect the preparation of epoxidized RBD palm olein acrylate (EPOLA) have been investigated. Inhibitor and high cooking temperature were respectively found to prevent gelation and shorten the cooking time, while the presence of catalyst was found to accelerate the acrylation reaction.


Author Information
* Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, University Teknology Malaysia

** Nuclear Energy Unit, Kompleks PUSPATI, Bangi

*** Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia

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