Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 5 No. 1  1993 June p.  47-64

Effect of some additives on resistance to crystallization of palm olein

Author(s): NOR AINI Idris*;YUSOF Bin Basiron* ; HANIRAH Hassan* ; ROSZILAH Bassin*

The effect of certain food additives namely sorbitan tristearate (trade names : Famodan TS and Kemest S65K), polyglycerol esters (THL-3 an THL-9) and lecithin on the resistance to crystallization of palm olein (IV 56, IV 60 and IV 65) during storage at 5°C, 10°C, 15°C and 20°C was studied. The levels of additives added were at 0.01% and 0.10%. Although Famodan TS at 0.10% seemed to promote crystal formation at temperatures of 15°C and below, it in fact delayed crystallization of palm olein at 20°C. Among the additives evaluated, THL-9 showed the best results, as crystal formation was delayed at 5°C, 15°C and 20°C. The addition of THL-9 at 0.10% resulted in a very significant improvement in the stability of palm olein stored at 20°C. Palm olein (IV 56) containing 0.10% THL-9 remained clear for 29 days at 20°C, compared with only 24 hr for the control sample. The addition of lecithin improved the stability of palm olein at 20°C but not at lower temperatures. All the additives studied helped delay crystallization of palm olein at 20°C. With Famodan TS, S65K, THL-3 and THL-9 (at 0.10%) palm olein (IV 65) remained clear for more than 180 days.

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* Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia, P O Box 10620, 50720 Kuala Lumpur

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