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Correlation of Microspore Nuclear Development with Male Inflorescence Morphology in Elaeis oleifera, Elaeis guineensis and the OxG Hybrid
joprv26mac2014-latif Vol. 26  2014 March p.  104-108
Author(s): Latif, A M; Zaki*, N M; Nordiana*, H M N*; Marhalil, M*; Che Radziah, C M Z** and Madon, M*

Molecular Analysis of Transgenic Oil Palm to Detect the Presence of Transgenes
joprv26mac2014-norfahisza Vol. 26  2014 March p.  96-103
Author(s): A Rahman Nurfahisza*; Md Aman Rafiqah*; Mat Yunus Abdul Masani*; Ayub Nor Hanin*; Omar Abdul Rasid*; Ghulam Kadir Ahmad Parveez* and Ismanizan Ismail**

Application of NIR Spectrometer for Oil Loss Monitoring in Palm Oil Mill
joprv26mac2014-andrew Vol. 26  2014 March p.  84-95
Author(s): Andrew Yap Kian Chung* and Fatah Yah Abd Manaf*

Response of Six Sources of Oil Palm Planting Materials from Malaysia Planted in the Eastern Plains of Colombia to Bud Rot
joprv26mac2014-edwin Vol. 26  2014 March p.  73-83
Author(s): Edwin A Navia R*; Edwin F Restrepo* and Hernán Mauricio Romero**

Secondary Poisoning of Captive Barn Owls, Tyto alba Javanica through Feeding with Rats Poisoned with Chlorophacinone and Bromadiolone
joprv26mac2014-hasber Vol.  2014 March p.  62-72
Author(s): Hasber Salim*; Hafidzi Mohd Noor*; Noor Hisham Hamid**; Dzolkhifli Omar*; Azhar Kasim‡ and Cik Mohd Rizuan Zainal Abidin**

Extraction Methods for Analysis of Oil Palm Leaf and Root Proteins by Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis
joprv26mac2014-hassan Vol. 26  2014 March p.  54-61
Author(s): Hassan, H*; Lau, B Y C* and Ramli, U S*

Biological Aspects and Food Consumption of Oil Palm Fruit Scraper, Demotispa neivai (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
joprv26mac2014-luis Vol. 26  2014 March p.  47-53
Author(s): Luis Carlos Martínez* and Angelica Plata-Rueda**

Molecular Cloning and Regulation of Oil Palm (E. guineensis Jacq.) Phytoene Desaturase in Developing Mesocarp Tissues
joprv26mac2014-rasid Vol. 26  2014 March p.  37-46
Author(s): O A Rasid*; W S Wan Nur Syuhada*; A Nor Hanin*; S S Masura* and G K A Parveez*

Investigation of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Oil as an Alternative to Petrochemical-based Lubricants
joprv26mac2014-iman Vol. 26  2014 March p.  25-36
Author(s): Iman Golshokouh*; S Syahrullail*; Farid Nasir Ani* and H H Masjuki**

The Future of Oil Palm as a Major Global Crop: Opportunities and Challenges
joprv26mac2014-denis Vol. 26  2014 March p.  1-24
Author(s): Denis J Murphy*

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