Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 11 No. 2  1999 Dec p.  57-62

Method for the determination of paraquat residue in oil matrix

Author(s): KUNTOM, A*; KIFLI, H*; TAN, Y A*

Two experiments were carried out using the method developed by Imperial Chemical Industry (ICI) to determine paraquat residue in grains and crops. The aim of these experiments was to evaluate the feasibility of the method in determining paraquat residue in palm oil and palm oil products. Paraquat free RBD palm olein was used in the study. The method involved three steps: extraction of residue from the oil, clean up procedure using two types of equivalent resin, Duolite and Amberlite, spectrophotometric determintion of the purified material. In Experiment I, in which the resin Duolite was used, the percentage recoveries were adequate ranging from 50%-83%. The percentage recoveries increased with increasing concentration of paraquat. The  estimated limit of detection based on recovery data of this experiment was 0.01 μg g-1. In experiment II, using Amberlite, the percentage recoveries were greater than 90% for both the 0.05 μg ml-1 and 0.50 μg ml-1 level of concentration. Results from the two experiments showed that the ICI method can be applied for determination of paraquat residue in palm oil and palm oil products, and that the method with the use of Amberlite resin in the clean up step can give better recoveries of the analyte.

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Author Information
** Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia, P.O. Box 10620, 50720 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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