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Application of powder formulation of Metarhizium anisopliae to control Oryctes rhineceros in rotting oil palm residues under leguminous cover crops
Vol. 19  2007 June p.  319-331
Author(s): RAMLE Moslim* ; NORMAN Kamarudin* ; ANG Ban Na** ; SITI RAMLAH Ahmad Ali* ; MOHD BASRI Wahid*
Research in the commercialization of Metarhizium anisopliae (Hyphomycetes) for biocontrol of the rhinoeros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros (Scarabaeidae), in oil palm
Vol. Special Issue  2006 Apr p.  37-49
Author(s): * RAMLE Moslim ; * MOHD BASRI Wahid ; * NORMAN Kamaruddin ; * SITI RAMLAH Ahmad Ali ; ** NOR HISHAM Hamid