Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 4 No. 2  1992 Dec p.  65-71

New non-lauric cocoa butter substitutes from palm oleins

Author(s): Leong Wan Leong and Ooi Tian Lye*

Fairly good linoleic selectivity was obtained on the hydrogenation of palm olein products in a laboratory Parr Reactor at 180 using Nysel SP7 (0.06% as Ni) as catalyst, a pressure of 25 psig and a stirring speed of 600 r.p.m. When palm oleins with iodine values of 57, 62.5 and 66 respectively were hydrogenated to give products with a slip melting point of 34° C – 35° C, these products were soft as defined by their solid fat content (SFC) profiles. However, fractionation of these hydrogenated products gave various stearin fractions with a slip melting point of 38.5° C and yields varying from 55% to 85 percent. The SFC profiles of these stearins were comparable to those in commercial specifications for chocolate coating fat. When palm olein with IV 66 was hydrogenated to a slip melting point of 39° C, the SFC of the product was also comparable to that required for a commercial coating fat. However, dry fractionation could not remove the waxy tail from the product effectively.


Author Information
* Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia, P O Box 10620, 50720 Kuala Lumpur

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